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EcoCast: Revolutionizing Fisheries Management with Environmental Forecasting on the west coast of the US

One tool making waves in the fishing industry on the west coast of the US is NOAA's EcoCast—a pioneering platform that leverages environmental forecasting to revolutionize fisheries management.
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BATmap’s successful implementation leads to expansion into Nephrops fishery

BATmap’s successful implementation in the west of Scotland whitefish fishery led to interest in developing similar capacity for a more effective bycatch avoidance in the Nephrops fishery.
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Reducing bycatch of dolphins in the Bay of Biscay

BATmap and other successful approaches to reducing bycatch are key to developing feasible and effective options for other fisheries.
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Advancing Sustainability: Scottish Fishermen’s Quest for Knowledge in the Pacific Northwest

The Scottish Fishermen’s Organisation (SFO) recently undertook a knowledge exchange initiative, sending a delegation to the Pacific Northwest in the United States.
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